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Pandering to Racism

Pandering to Racism

“Racist!” — This is one of the worst things to call someone. Even people that are racist take offense at the word. How amazing is that? If a person called me an accurate term like “the most handsome guy west of the Mississippi,” I would not be mad. This example shows the true power of the word racist.

The hidden truth is that this term is also used to mentally control the masses. Whichever one of the two groups can make you believe the other is the dreaded horrid racist will have control over a voting block for decades.

Make no mistake I know racism is real. “Is” emphasizing a present reality — not some fabricated notion about the 1950’s but a current and present reality. After the recent 2016 presidential election, my wife and kids were followed by a pick-up truck with an American flag blowing in the wind of his flatbed truck. As she switched lanes he switched lanes attempting intimidation. It’s a reality I have had to live with my whole life. I’ve been pulled over by eight cop cars with their guns drawn — in a car I owned and registered in my name with me as the driver — told a similar car was reported stolen. I was only 16 at the time. I had to attend the funeral of my brother — which should have been closed casket — after being riddled with bullets by a cop. No trial ever happened. I could go on but recounting experiences is not my point. My point is racism is a present reality.

The recent election has created a new buzzword term called “white lash.” Sounds like a comic book hero that all members of the KKK could be proud of. This term represents an explaination for how Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election that she was favored to win. She was not only favored. It was expected to be a landslide. This term asserts that all white men voted for Donald Trump because they were protesting the advances of people of color and minority groups in the USA over the past several years. This ignored legitimate concerns that any person would have about not voting for her:

  1. Her agreement with late term abortion (8 months)
  2. Assistance with 3 strikes law that has greatly increase prison terms on inmates and has been identified as one of the reasons the African prison population rose 
  3. Concerns over selling political favors while in office
  4. Corruption in the primaries towards Bernie sanders
  5. Benghazi
  6. Open borders (wall street Speeches)

My point though is not to highlight her flaws. Merely to state there are numerous just reasons for people to not support her as a Presidential candidate. To insinuate people did not vote for Hillary solely because they are revolting at progress — by people in all demographics that are not white men — is similar to saying that Obama only won his elections because people were racist/prejudice towards older white men. This totally minimizes the substance of the candidate and the mental capacity of the voting public.

Is racism and prejudice apart of the political system, “YES!” People voting for Hillary solely to be a part of a historic moment electing the first female president is sexist. Her role in the passing of the three strike law (Bernie Sanders stated her comments were racist/bigoted in the 90s about the law) has drastically increased the African American prison population. A planned photo opt playing “dominoes” to appeal to black America is pure pandering — look at the picture. That is not even a valid move in the game of dominoes. These are only a few examples how democrats too are racist and prejudice. That they are now playing the “race card” is laughable.

The truth of the matter is that we had two horrible candidates and one lost. Behind all the smoke, reports show that Trump received more votes from black people than when Romney ran for president. This is not say that African Americans came out is soaring numbers, but it does illustrate an increase in a demographic from a previous election cycle. It further demonstrates factors other than racist white males in Hillary’s lost.

Playing the race card in this manner has led to minorities being loyal to a party/system that does not care about their situation anymore or less that the GOP. It is extremely unfair for democrats to allow the story line of “white lash” to be promoted and further drive a wedge in our nation. People were racist before Trump and will be racist after Trump. Racist voted in elections before Trump and will after Trump. There is no secret racist pill that people took in key states that made them decide to vote for Trump. Millions of white people, black people, and other demographics voted for Trump because the candidate the DNC selected was horrible. The racial tension pre-election has been at extremely high levels for several years during the term of a black president, it is intellectually dishonest to attempt to slander the voting populous solely because the status quo bad candidate lost.


Not to get sidetracked.  But it pisses me off this new notion of “What are we going to do now?” or “now is the time to love our neighbor.” Where have you been the past several years? We have had black people shot in church, people stalked through their neighborhood and shot because they “had a hoodie on," but all of a sudden now white lash is the concern that should unite people for love of neighbor? If bloodshed in the street was not enough for you to care, please do not attempt to become John Brown because your white female democrat candidate lost. This is probably the most racist display of all of this.  White people pretending to care about racial issues as a mask for political power. 


As a minority, I hate racism for obvious reasons. But shifting the focus of a political loss to backlash against progress for people of color is foul and divisive. It’s a ploy to play into the racial divide that has become more prevalent over the past 5 years of our 1st African American president. Next time pick a candidate that does not have as much baggage. Please stop using the plight of my race as your political tool. And my fellow African American leaders, please stop being a pawn in the manipulation of our people. I never recall Martin Luther King or Malcolm X promoting a political agenda for a party, rather their focus was the real issues at hand (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are a joke! Yes, that is random, but I had to say it). Stop blaming white men for the election of Trump and being mad at them. If you want real change get involved and stop being a pawn to any political system.

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