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Not What We Once Were

There is a very real shift in our identity, a shift in who we are as people when God saves us through Christ. We are not what we once were. We are not who we once were. And that means something for our lives.

The importance of “and you” here cannot be lost within the context of this epistle. This is the designation of Gentile converts (Eph 1:12; 2:11; 3:1; 4:17). Paul’s discourse here is first and best applied to Gentiles.

Perhaps more technical then previous passages, this verse in particular can hold a significant key in understanding the rest of this epistle. It is well known that Paul was not one of the first of the Jewish believers (1 Cor 15:8). There is no reason to believe that Paul here is speaking concerning his place of conversion amongst other Jews.

BBC: Ephesians 1:1-2

Some of the earliest texts do not include the destination “Ephesus”. Though a helpful context for the culture, it cannot be depended upon for serious exegetical difficulties. Instead the focus should be placed on who is being spoken to descriptively: the “set apart” of Christ Jesus. This is the church (1 Pet 2:5) destined for militant faithfulness. 

BBC: Ephesians Introduction

The following outline was derived after multiple readings of the text in different translations leading up to the start of the nearl 80 weeks of teaching time. Of everything written, this alone remains unchanged and continues to be an abridged roadmap for the study of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.