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memento that mori

I cry thinking about the people I've lost whose gravestones I can't visit, for whatever reason. I cry thinking about the people who are dead while they still live. I cry reading tributes to parents, spouses, wondering if I will leave anyone behind. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, does it?

Penetrating Our Darkness

The Advent season prepares our heart, mind, and soul for the darkness that occurs throughout our life. It reminds us to rely not on any extinction of existence but the Christ who penetrated our deepest darkness and conquered them in His death.

Flowers and Ash

But especially this Mother’s Day, I say this to you: If you want to share your pain with me, I will help you hold it — like Atlas — and will do my best to make it not so damn heavy.

O Soul, Await

His poetry came into my life at a time I desperately needed it - heartbroken and reeling, going through my own crisis of faith, I did not know how to put into words what I was experiencing.