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Lord's Prayer Meditations: “Prayer” is Effective

“This, then is how you should pray”

Meditation 5: “Prayer” is Effective

Since Jesus has called us to petition the Father, should believers anticipate their prayers being effective? James (Jam 5:13-16) and Peter (1 Pet 3:7) both affirm that God-fearing prayer in obedience can be effective.
Is any prayer offered to God successfully? When we ask in agreement with God’s promises yes. When we ask selfishly? No (Jam 4:2-3). So when we pray in accordance with God’s will we can expect God’s blessings to be showered upon us (Jam 1:17). This is why it is important to study how Jesus Christ, God the Son, taught His disciples to pray saying “this is how you should pray.”

BBC: Psalm 11:1-3

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