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Weekly Round Up

In case you missed any of them here are the links to this weeks post wrapped up nice and neat for your convenience! Enjoy!

Monday: C.S. Lewis | The Calvinist?

In this post I cite a few quote from Lewis indicating Calvinistic leanings. Its a thought provoking topic!

Tuesday: Superficial Authenticity

In this post I write about David Brooks' book Bobos in Paradise & relate it to a fun quote from Doug Wilson's book Wordsmithy.

Wednesday: "If Your Furniture's Distressed, Your Conscience Need Not Be."

Again referencing Brooks' Bobos in Paradise I cite a fun quote indicative of "bobos"?

Thursday: Cultural Solution | Honor Your Father & Mother

Here I write about how adherence to the fifth commandment, honoring your father and mother, can keep a young adult from ending up living in their parents basement!

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