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C.S. Lewis | The Calvinist?

There are times when I agree with Doug Wilson that C.S. Lewis was a Calvinist. It is quotes like these that tend to make that point exactly.

Christianity does not tell of a human search for God at all, but of something done by God for, to, and about, man. And the way in which it is done is selective, undemocratic, to the highest degree. (Miracles, pg. 405)


Where a God who is totally purposive...there can be no accidents or loose ends...Nothing is 'merely a by-product' of anything else. All results are intended from the first. (Miracles, pg. 412)

I know this is just a slice from the greater library of Lewis' work but there's no mistaking the Calvinistic strands here. You'll also recall the scene from The Silver Chair in which Aslan says, "You would not have called to me unless I first had called to you."

Here's the Wilson video on C.S. Lewis being a Calvinist, its pretty cool:


Food for thought.


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