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BBC: Psalm 11:1-3

1 In the Lord I take refuge;

how can you say to my soul,

    “Flee like a bird to your mountain,

2 for behold, the wicked bend the bow;

    they have fitted their arrow to the string

    to shoot in the dark at the upright in heart;

3 if the foundations are destroyed,

    what can the righteous do?”

Like those before it, this psalm splits itself into a section of despair before the unrighteous and glory before the righteous God. However the psalmist uses different language in this section of despair that is interesting to note.

First, it should be noted that the fleet to “your mountain” is quite likely a description of God’s refuge (Psa 2:6; 3:4; etc.). In God refuge must be found since the evil are seeking to destroy righteousness at a primordial level. The very “foundations” are at risk of being destroyed to eradicate the righteous. Though these foundation are somewhat political in orientation (Isa 19:10), the better imagery to associate may be that of God’s covenant in creation to His people (Jer 31:35-37).

 Put into practical words, God as Creator stands as a Promise to His people of their protection and assurance in righteousness. Any attack against God’s purpose for His people can be equated and symbolized as a destruction of the created order or “the foundations.” And if that can be done, the righteous have no hope (v. 3). 

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