TOBC 101: Sanctification

This lecture was broken up into two videos. I haven't yet gotten around to fixing that. I'll try to do so sometimes next year lol. I love the discussion of sanctification. I simply wish that it could be addressed with the sacraments in view. However, this is a Baptist doctrine class and I have to pull back some of my personal theology from this lecture.

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My Thoughts

The Lordship Salvation controversy simmers underneath this whole lecture. The stuff I have learned from the likes of Kenneth Gentry and John MacArthur on this subject should be easily identified. The only thing I believe I do different is to tie sanctification more strongly to justification then either of these men do.

We didn't have many questions worth commenting on here. I did ask the class a difficult question though. What affect does Jude 1:5 have on the doctrine of eternal security? I have my own private answers but I did into my FV handbag for that one. It will be interesting to see how the class comes back next week. 

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