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Hermeneutics 101: The Prophetic Texts

This lecture was longer than expected. I got a little preachy during portions of it and may have stepped on some toes. But I did push myself into the "application" elements of my analysis to begin the gap bridging that some of the class is struggling with. 

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Class Review

This could have been better. I felt like I was much too bland in my entry into the practical elements of the prophets. I could and should have dug deeper into the themes of the pre-exile, exile and post-exile prophets.   

I also could have brought to light more of the poetic elements of the prophets. Far too often the prophets are read as if they are the teaching of Jesus or the epistles of Paul. But they aren't. They are a hybrid form of poetic foretelling. They are the Psalms on a cosmic level. Yes all these things I should have said.

Because I'm serving at a Baptist church, I am aware of the traditional dispensationalism that runs undetected in a lot of theology. I tried to not shake up the class too much. Perhaps next week's apocalyptic lesson will finally tip everything over.


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