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TOBC 101: Justification

I was confessing to my wife that this lecture is hard for me. There is so much more here that needs to be done. A survey of different approaches, advancements since early Reformed thought and general confusion all can't be resolved in one lecture.

Nevertheless I do my best to present as much material as possible. Justification is the foundation of the church and to restore the gospel we must understand it thoroughly. 

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Audio from Summer 2013

Notes from Summer 2013

My Thoughts

The fullness of Justification by faith can't be expressed in one post. This lecture communicates a lot of things that need to be resolved in the personal life of believers. I remained shocked at how inconsistent our understandings of justification truly are.

We must  understand that justification is resurrection and vindication. Justification rightly understood is the initiating power of faith living to Christ's Lordship.

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