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Hermeneutics 101: The Gospel Narratives

This lecture was incredibly short. The class was filled almost entirely with lengthy discussions on the interpretation of specific texts. These discussions are not recorded for privacy reasons of the classmates.

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Class Review

This lecture covered some very interesting texts in the New Testament. There was actually very little discussion on any of the texts. I will remember from now on to not  bring up Revelation 20 during a hermeneutics class.

The teacher who I listened to on the temple cleansing was James Jordan. In a couple of his lectures on how to read the Bible, James Jordan specifically thinks that the Gospels can best be understood distinct from each other and yet laid over each other. This does require a pretty strict understanding that the gospels are provided to us in the order they were written. While I remain unconvinced about it James Jordan was able to demonstrate some very interesting insights from reading the gospels this way. One of those insights is the possibility of "three temple cleansings" that culminates with the destruction in AD 70. All of this is to fulfill the laws of leprosy found in Leviticus.

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