All in Life

Returning to Solitude

This solitude stands before each theologian as a possibility but also the dangerous possibility to adopt superficially and on false presumptions. The urge to become the theologian Contra Mundum is to be resisted.

Carrying Loads

"O how he springs up before your eyes, how he deafened your ears, how he forces his way even into your dreams and disturbs your thoughts and wastes your time! O how he gets on your nerves!" - Karl Barth

Drowning in Grace

And then I hit my breaking point. The next time Crockett said to me, “No! You’re a bad person!” I just kissed his head and said, “And that’s why we need grace, Crockett.”

Flowers and Ash

But especially this Mother’s Day, I say this to you: If you want to share your pain with me, I will help you hold it — like Atlas — and will do my best to make it not so damn heavy.