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missional mulch

I'm grateful to have gotten to know this bunch of folks a lot better - the kind of bonding that occurs when you all look and smell disgusting. It was a treat to see how much you can get done when people work well together, and work hard. My farmer's tan is now several shades darker, even if I never did get a photo-op with a small dark child to post on my Facebook so that everyone would know I did a missions trip.

wild life

A few years prior to that, some people had trespassed up there, built a dirtbike track, and planted some, um, alternative crops. This town is pretty rural and there's a lot of open space, so you have to assume a great deal of that goes on.

Unto the Glory of God

The goal for Christians should always be, first and foremost, to be Godly people no matter what systems they find themselves in. At the same time, Christians should never be content to allow faithlessness toward God to exist in systemic ways.


if not now, later, then?
carry on as you were.
i’ll be where i am
doing this given work
in quietness not my own but His
and, at the last, in joy.

Folk (and a Bit of Americana) Primer

I'm here to write about 5 artists/groups, hard-working, hard-touring folks, purveying a brand of genuinely heart-felt music I've been guilty of thinking no longer existed. If it lies within your power to see and hear these musicians, make it happen. If it doesn't, try legal downloads or physical-format purchases from their sites.