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O Canada

The drive to Canada was long. It included North Dakota (we detoured), a new state for me, and a drive past the Medicine Rocks of Montana. Other than that, the main excitement was Judah’s response to the Canadian Border Guard.

Northward Ho!

The Black Hills possess a romance in nature and story, ancient geography that is majestic in formation and yet still, somehow, accessible. Perhaps merely the influence of a wonderful childhood vacation, but I hold a surprisingly strong attachment to the area and the route was confirmed.

Visiting Dublin

The settled home of a "Saint Kevin," the combination of non-raining clouds, lush green hill/mountains (not technically tall enough for mountains), and gravestones was pretty spectacular.

Road Trip 2014

Road trips are certainly not glamorous. They are not particularly comfortable. Only those stout of heart, quick of clemency, and iron of stomach undertake such travels. Well, those people and then us.