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Christianity in the Movies

All too often we believe that externals are not important. Style, language, and form are deemed entirely subjective to most Christians. Most Christians believe that form and content have no relationship to each other. While Hollywood certainly has much to learn from the Christian story, I think this might be one example where many modern Christians can learn something from Hollywood: FORM MATTERS!

Covenant Through New Eyes: Part 7 – The World of the Temple

In the World of the Temple we have interplay between the storylines of the king(s) (Saul/David/Solomon), the priesthood (Ithamar/Ahimelech/Abiathar vs. Eleazar/Zadok), the Ark, and the Temple, among other things. Unfaithfulness in these areas tends toward the breaking down of the old order while faithfulness in these areas tends towards the establishment of a new world.

Symbols as Cultural Boundary Markers

Questioning or challenging the validity of America’s military activity will quickly raise the temperatures in almost any conversation. Further, the symbolism surrounding America’s military is not only pervasive but also deep and culturally entrenched. There is a specific cultural narrative that surrounds our nations military. From religious overtones to liturgical holidays the symbols surrounding America’s military are some of the most powerful in our society.