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My children take great joy in the smallest things. And I enjoy their joy. Christian obedience is something like this. God, through His Spirit, works in us the smallest of obedience. This becomes the smallest of pleasures. And it pleases Him.

Intentionally Being Intentional About Intentionality

I am far from a perfect covenant parents. Instead, I call to mind the promises of God and try to communicate them to my children faithfully. The whole time recognizing that our efforts are analogous to 1) "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief" (Mark 9:24) or 2) "We have only five loaves and two fish" (Matt 14:17).

Compost Catechizing

Find yourself a classic, old time catechism and study. There may be disagreements and there may be time for extensive explanation of language. But in the end, you will be studying something that has proven valuable to Christians throughout generations.

House Rules for Language

My daughter said "What the hell?" because of my passion of Penguins hockey. My son says "too" and "also" from the natural environment of the home. Why isn't developing Christian language in the house as easy?