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living sacrifice

Let the record show that I've been resisting writing about this for a while. I don't want to talk about it — it's deeply personal, and not the kind of thing that comes up unless you are truly close with your family and friends.

The Wedding Day

Almost everyday since the wedding I’ve asked Campbell “When can we get married again?? It was so much fun!!” And he just smiles and tells me he’d marry me again everyday and anyway if we could, but that we’ll never need to. 

Marriage & Community

All of our current confusion over sexuality and marriage has only been made possible through the prior disintegration of communities. Both city life and suburbia give the guise of community by either placing one amongst many people (city) or by placing the family in a "guarded" castle (suburbia). Yet in both instances community (for the most part) is far, far away.

Wedded Bliss

I’d be willing to bet there are things unknown about my dearly beloved and myself. Hence this post. Eight pieces of wedded trivia for eight years of marriage; in honor of our eight-year anniversary this previous Tuesday, August 5th.

The Angel of Marriage

You may or may not remember the story of Isaac and Rebekah right away. Those patriarchs and their stories can get so confusing sometimes. Some of you may even wish the patriarch stories didn't exist. But once we dive into the story things should start coming back to us. And we must remember that God still identifies His salvation in terms of "Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" (Matt 8:10-12; Luke 13:28-29).