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Liturgy Series: Part 9 – The Sermon

As stated above, just like all stories, a sermon opens up a world of possibility to God's people. Yet, unlike secular liturgies that call us to guilt or transaction, the Christian sermon tells us that Jesus has already opened up that world of possibility; it is already before us, already amongst us!

Liturgy Series: Part 7 – Baptism

Baptism serves as a constant reminder that God chooses that which is weak in the world to shame the strong (1 Cor. 1:27). Whereas the priesthood of the old covenant was available only to a select few based on blood. The waters of baptism open the priesthood to all serving as testament forever that water truly is thicker than blood.

Liturgy Series: Part 6 – Confession & Pardon

The disordered desires of a people result not only in individual sins but ultimately take shape in the world we inhabit. Too often we limit the scope of our sin to our personal relationship with God or (a little better) to the ways our sins affect our closest relationships. Now, while sin certain does have a (powerful) affect on those things, Smith points out the cultural and cosmic effects of sin as well.

Liturgy Series: Part 5 – The Law

Many modern Christians have (rightfully) been so taught the notion that we are not saved by our works that they (wrongly) believe that the only use of the law in the Bible is salvific. Yet the law has many uses that have nothing to do with earning favor with God. The law serves as a gracious guide to our rebellious hearts. The law, particularly in it’s liturgical application, helps direct the people of God toward the way of life that God has for them in Jesus.

Liturgy Series: Part 4 – Music

Like all parts of the liturgy, music is both unavoidable and massively impactful. Whether we like it or not the words and rhythms we sing as a congregation are shaping us into a teleological people (a people facing a certain kingdom). Considering the weight of this proposition we should be increasingly concerned with which kingdom our songs are pointing us.

Liturgy Series: Part 3 – The Call to Worship

When we are called to worship God week in and week out we are reminded that we have been called to be human in a new way, the way of Jesus. One of the clearest ways that this is evidenced is in the fact that Christians come together each week to worship together rather than remaining in their individual lives.

Liturgy Series: Part 1 – Apologetics

In the coming weeks I will be taking a look at different liturgical aspects of the historic Christian church. I hope this series will shed light on the different liturgical aspects in the church so that you (the reader) will find your participation in the liturgy of the church more fruitful and engaging.