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How to Fix College Football

In conclusion, I believe that college football is in a lot of danger with many talking heads promoting an eight team playoff. While I see the draw of such a system I ultimately believe the drawbacks to be too strong. In the end an eight team playoff would diminish the importance of every other game that is not a playoff game (and thus destroying the foundation of what has made college football what it is today). I believe a solution is to create a system where conference championship games (in a sense) serve as the national quarter-finals. In this scenario the importance of the regular season (particularly conference play) would be upheld and the feel of an eight team playoff would also be achieved.

The Bloody Marriage of Military & Sport

Sports, the movies, the mall, the news cycle, etc. all serve in a liturgical manner; they all shape us and form us in certain ways simply by our exposure to them. When Smith speaks of “liturgies” he’s talking about cultural rituals that tend to shape us in ways that we aren’t necessarily aware of. In other words, liturgies don’t ask for permission to shape the way we think and feel about certain things, they just do it.