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How Exposure Undermines Discipline

Brokenness is not a treasure. We carry the treasure in broken vessels. It is not an opportunity to have a new conversion story every week. Brokenness is a gift from God in the re-creation of His people and the re-formation of the Second Adam's wife — the church.

Restoring the "Natural" Tracks

Infant baptism, in part, looks to redeem the created order that God established in Adam. Were sin to not have entered into the world there would be no distinction between a child’s growth in godliness and their “natural” growth as a human (both physically and psycho-socially)

You Are What You Love NOT What You Think

The way to get to someone's heart is not (solely) through the mind. We humans are more than just "brains on a stick." God gave us bodies and, therefore, the whole body must be discipled. This is not some call for aestheticism or mutilation of the flesh, but rather a call for understanding that we inhabit a physical world with physical bodies that must be captured up in to God's story as well as the mind.