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God Aims at the Whole Creation

Jesus has initiated this glorious redemption and he has ascended to the right hand of God the Father Almighty from whence he has poured out His Spirit on His Church who will continue the work of redemption until all of Christ’s enemies have been made a footstool under his feet (Psalm 110:1).

Genesis 1 and the Framework Interpretation

Growing up in a conservative background, the default, the “biblical”, position was six literal 24-hour days. “The bible says day so it means day” was the logic. While admirable for taking the bible seriously as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, such literal biblicism misses the point that the creation narrative is not a scientific how-to guide for creation, it is a story portraying the creational work of God; it is a historical narrative.

Ex Nihilo (Part 2)

What I would encourage you to do is study the material in the original language, from both young earth creationist and old earth creationists. If all we do is read from our own camp, and in a translated language, we will inevitably miss the vastness of the creation narrative.

Ex Nihilo

The Genesis 1 account, written in Hebrew, seems to be one of the more complex sections of Scripture. Considering, also, that it is the beginning of the Christian scripture, that seems to make a lot of sense that this would be the most dense and complicated text it all of the Bible.

Interstellar, Relativity and the Age of the Earth

The Bible gives us God's account of the creation of the world. It took him seven days to do it. Are these days like the days we currently experience? Probably not. Are we even capable of putting the days of creation under our proverbial microscopes? Again, probably not. At this point I think humility is key.

Am I Reading Wendell Berry or N.D. Wilson???

Each day is filled with "miracles." N.D. Wilson likes to point out that bats really do fly blind, plants really do turn sunlight into food, and caterpillars really do turn into butterflies; these aren't just stories we tell children. If we would heed Christ's admonition to consider the lilies and birds we would be filled with the miraculous wonder that God always intended us to see in His creation.

Comprehensive Salvation

All to often we treat salvation as some kind of substance that we are trying to get a hold of. The story of the Bible, as Chilton and Van Til highlight, speaks of salvation as a state of being. Moreover, salvation is a state of being that will be as expansive as the pervasiveness of sin.