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Appreciating Pastors

So during this month, commit to perpetually praying and striving for your pastors that “the authority of good pastors be established.” While good in intent, a month of focus on pastors will not hinder satan who is attempting to “undermine it by every means.”

Regarding Partiality

In practice, a person will never be able to address, help, or even be aware of all societal ills in the world. But when one of the ills is at your door you should care. God has placed each of us in certain regions, certain communities, and we can make an impact there.

Book Review: Why Can't We Be Friends? (Joshua Torrey)

The church is uniquely those called by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ to be united with one another; but through over-sexualization, it has allowed its members to be severed one from another. By grounding her thesis in the humanity and unity found in Jesus Christ, Byrd provides the stable blocks for further discussion and application of deeper fellowship among the members of Christ's body.

always in the blood

The body and blood I inhabit that are—in so many ways—not my own to do with what I please. Maybe it washes out in the water, maybe it's always in the blood. But I have been sacrificed for...and so I am given the strength to keep sacrificing my self.

Carrying Loads

"O how he springs up before your eyes, how he deafened your ears, how he forces his way even into your dreams and disturbs your thoughts and wastes your time! O how he gets on your nerves!" - Karl Barth

living sacrifice

Let the record show that I've been resisting writing about this for a while. I don't want to talk about it — it's deeply personal, and not the kind of thing that comes up unless you are truly close with your family and friends.