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In Defense of Mary, Did You Know

So don’t be dissuaded. Sing "Mary, Did You Know?" and reflect on the greatness of Jesus this Christmas. Sing it every Christmas until you pass on from this mortal life. Just don’t sing it after the Christmas tree comes down.

Barth's Christmas: Prayer not Anxiety

Christians are not permitted to sit on their hands or twiddle their thumbs. There is a positive action that the Christian can take. This is where Barth's reoccurring but never entirely dominate view on prayer sneaks into view. Prayer remains an action for the Christian to communicate dependence upon God—it is an anti-anxiety action.

In The Bleak Midwinter

All in all, In the Bleak Midwinter does not provide some deep Christian theology or truth. Just a quiet, sober reminder of the state of earth (in its darkness) and the state of Christ (in His infancy) at the dawn of "Christmas."

Keeping Advent

While keeping Christmas and Advent as separate, although closely linked, seasons has been quite the challenge, we are embracing the path and reaping benefits already!

I Heard The Bells

Though I have heard excellent renditions and reworkings of it, the original melody is nowhere near as solemn and hopeful as it should be—especially after contemplation of its words.