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Penetrating Our Darkness

The Advent season prepares our heart, mind, and soul for the darkness that occurs throughout our life. It reminds us to rely not on any extinction of existence but the Christ who penetrated our deepest darkness and conquered them in His death.

The Angelic Announcement is Ours

When Advent is celebrated correctly, the whole heart is meditating on the magnificent glory of God. "In spirit and in truth" (Jn. 4:24), we "bend before Him" and "His greatness celebrate" by His grace. After four weeks of anticipation, the Angelic announcement is once again ours.

Idols During Advent

Advent is a time to set aside the pomp and circumstance of secular celebration. It is a time to clean house on our “speechless idols” and “silent stone[s].” Maybe that entails time away from social media or less spiked eggnog. It might mean taking less pride and confidence in our religious traditions. It is impossible to conceive of all the silent idols our hearts may create.

Mary And The Church

It is good and right to enjoy the image of Mary and Eve gathering around the promised Seed. It is right to see that in the power of the Holy Spirit and Incarnate son, the church—Mary—crushes the serpent.

Keeping Advent

While keeping Christmas and Advent as separate, although closely linked, seasons has been quite the challenge, we are embracing the path and reaping benefits already!

Deep Breath

We should read the Old Testament with a deep breath and anticipate the messiah. When the Incarnation occurs, we must allow ourselves to be blown away by the incredulity of the story.

The Barefoot Man

For Christ, the putting on of human flesh led to the full exposing of humanity on the cross before God. Similarly for the Christian, putting on Christ is the full exposing of ourselves to our Heavenly Father.