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Relationship Advice For Those Seeking a Soulmate!

In our current cultural milieu the right of passage into matrimony for young evangelicals is as follows: 1) Meet in a college ministry, 2) date for an appropriate number of years, 3) get engaged, 4) go through premarital, 5) read at least 2 books on marriage, & 6) get hitched.

I myself followed these steps pretty much to the "T" and things are working out pretty well so far for the wifey and myself. However, in this whole process of meeting the Mrs. and getting married I came across a quote about how to prepare for marriage as a single person. I have yet to read anything else that has even come close to being as funny or as informative as this has been!

Be the type of person the type of person you would want to marry would want to marry. (Douglas Wilson, I don't know where from)

Did you get that? Read it again slowly and come back to me!

Okay, so how do you prepare for marriage? Welp, according to Pastor Wilson if you want to get married you should start acting like the kind of person that your perfect spouse would want to marry. Sound pretty fool-proof to me! Envision the kind of girl/guy you would like to marry and start becoming the type of person who they would like to marry.

This just so happens to run right in the face of our current cultural trend which says "don't change for anyone!" But perhaps the reason you are still single is because you are refusing to change in a good way that could actually land you a solid spouse (Woah! I just went there :-/)!?

As finite creatures we are always changing, either for better or for worse. The New Testament seems to use similar advice when encouraging the Church toward sanctification—Look at your groom! He's perfect! He's spotless! Be the kind bride that He should be married to!

Food for thought!


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