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"The Economics of Sex" | Definitely the Most Interesting Thing You Will See Today!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO1ifNaNABY In our day of political correctness its not often you come across a video like this! I really appreciate what they've done here and think that these realities should be more widely circulated. Unfortunately, our cultural elites seem hellbent on informing everyone of the exact opposite of what is actually going on. This video is right. They are showing what guys and girls actually want and are doing. Our public and higher educational institutions instead want to teach and propagate what isn't in fact reality.

Finally, as a Christian watching this video, this should be something that the church is on top of! Thankfully, Christians are not the same as the rest of the culture. Despite false information that seems to be circulating in America, Christians couples don't get divorced as much as non-Christian or mixed faith couples and they don't have as much premarital sex or cohabitation (which ironically increases the divorce rate by almost half!). Christians can still improve in this area, especially Christian men who seem fine with playing the field instead of growing up into mature Christian manhood as the scriptures teach!

I'd love to know your thoughts!

Food for thought.


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