The Last Days According to Christ: The Millennium (R.C. Sproul)

This is the final video in our series on preterism as taught by R.C. Sproul. The final subject is the millennium. All three major views will get a little air time here. It is assumed that Sproul was moving towards a postmillennial view during this time but that can't be confirmed.

Watch Video Here

After watching this video I would recommend hitting up my previous posts on the millennium: In Word and In Color. Hopefully those will help to build your understanding of these distinct views. However, since I am postmillennial in my thinking, I need to point you to a sufficiently simple 10 Things PostMils Believe.

Though this is one of my favorite topics to discuss these days (mostly because of how it affects OT prophecy). But I'm going to allow R.C. Sproul to own the show on this one. Enjoy this final segment of this life changing series.

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