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The Last Days According to Christ: The Rapture (R.C. Sproul)

All rapture jokes aside, I'm glad we've gotten this far in this series by R.C. Sproul. I'm going to try and not make any mean jokes about the idea of a pretribulation rapture. So I'll write as little as possible today. :-)

Watch Video Here

This video actually starts with a good discussion about the difference between partial/orthodox preterism and full preterism. I will encourage you to listen to the video by Doug Wilson on preterism to hear more on the dangers of full/hyper preterism. Full preterism and its rejection of a future resurrection is quite obviously a devastating doctrine for the life of the church. this new aged Gnosticism can be detrimental to the sacraments and postmillennial hope. It also eventually passes by simple Gnosticism and ends up being an utterly Neo-Platonist form of Christianity. I have nothing but respect for Plato. But I don't like him mixed with my eschatology.

With reference to the 1 Cor 15 text,Who knew that the word "we" could be so problematic huh? I will admit that any argument from the use of "we" incorporates an unhealthy amount of psychoanalysis. It might be necessary but it truly is unhealthy.

Sproul's words on 1 Thessalonians are excellent. I'll let you enjoy him.

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BBC: Genesis 4:13-16