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The Last Days According to Christ: Literal or Figurative? (R.C. Sproul)


We are continuing our series on preterism as taught by R.C. Sproul. We're finally getting to some of the more instructional elements of the class having addressed our need for another evaluation of Christ's words in the Olivet Discourse. There is some technical language in this video that is very useful even outside of apocalyptic literature. So hopefully we can learn sufficiently from Sproul today.

I look forward to any technical questions I get as we move forward.

Watch Video Here

Sproul doesn't waste much time in this video. He gets right to the point with his introduction of sensus literalis of Scripture. It was Martin Luther who made this phrase popular. But the way he meant it and the way "literal" means today are no where near each other. Sproul does a great job explaining that "literal interpretation" can only mean with respect to the literary genre. Ordinary is the best adjective for the model used by Dispensationalist and futurist.

Now, I know that will upset some. The word "ordinary" isn't very encouraging or complimentary. And that really is part of the point in using it. This approach denies the full extent of the literature that is being read and interpreted.

There is so much good stuff in here that I'm simply going to let you enjoy the teaching of R.C. Sproul.

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