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The Last Days According to Christ:This Generation (R.C. Sproul)


We are continuing our series on preterism as taught by R.C. Sproul. As we remain in technical discussion, we are now entering some of the more argumentative portions of the series. We will be hinging a lot of our understanding on the simple understanding of "this generation".

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In my encounters will people, it is almost impossible to have a discussion on preterism apart from an individual feeling the weight of the "time texts". The few people who have approached me after recognizing the practical issues always have a different attitude concerning the texts. Hopefully this series will help people feel the weight of these texts.

I particularly hope that this lesson will demonstrate some of the ridiculous ways in which people try to get out from under the weight of these texts. However on the example Sproul gives, I think preterists like Marcellus Kik and and Kenneth Gentry do an outstanding job of arguing that "concerning that day and hour" is a reference to the final judgment. They typically refer to this is "the transition text" since they see the subject changing. And while I don't buy the argument, it is well argued and properly supported by Scriptural analysis and not wishful thinking. :-)

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