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The Last Days According to Christ: The AntiChrist (R.C. Sproul)

We are continuing our series on preterism as taught by R.C. Sproul and getting to the fun topic of the antichrist. This is a wonderful topic. Loads of great fun! :-)

There are a lot of questions on this topic. There is also a lot of confusion over the subject. Are "the antichritst", "the man of lawlessness" and "the beast" all the same person?

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Many are unaware that the only place the word "antichrist" is used is in 1 John. This is almost exclusively used with Gnostic and Docetic heresy. This was something John was facing as a serious reality and problem. I honestly believe that the church is suffering from this again today. But in conservative and liberal churches alike even.

The only extra comment I will add to this video is the interesting discussion on the man of lawlessness residing in the temple. This is the crucial verse for the building of a second temple. A preterist perspective on this passage does great damage to any argument for a future temple in Jerusalem. I do believe that a couple posts on 2 Thessalonians 2 are in order.

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