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Bible Blogging Commentary: Genesis 1:24-25

Bible Blogging Commentary: Genesis 1:24-25

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. - Genesis 1:24-25

Like the vegetation (Gen 1:11), the earth itself brings forth the beasts and animals of the ground. And unless one should think that this supports evolution, the Scriptures then add that God Himself made them to be as they were. Many arguments can be provided for and against theistic evolution only at the detriment of focusing solely on the intent of the passage. That God makes animals to be themselves what He wants them to be. The fullness of His purpose is accomplished. There is no end result that moves past or falls short of His will.

*The Bible Blogging Commentary is a slow and simple treading of the Scriptures. No quotes from other theologians and no explicit Greek/Hebrew lessons.*

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