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Restoring the "Natural" Tracks

Infant baptism, in part, looks to redeem the created order that God established in Adam. Were sin to not have entered into the world there would be no distinction between a child’s growth in godliness and their “natural” growth as a human (both physically and psycho-socially)

A Morbid Form of Self-Analysis

As moderns, we tend to believe that we are capable of objectively removing ourselves from our relationship with Christ and stand outside of it and judge it properly. Not only is this impossible, it would be a sinful approach to things even if we were capable of doing it.

"You" Before "I"

The consequences are dire when the church adopts a modern/liberal anthropology to determine it’s ecclesiology and discipleship. Unfortunately, this is the case in all too many churches. In many places we have assumed that children are not bound relationally to the church until they have made a decision to bind themselves to Christ. But this is Enlightenment thinking and not Biblical thinking.