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My children take great joy in the smallest things. And I enjoy their joy. Christian obedience is something like this. God, through His Spirit, works in us the smallest of obedience. This becomes the smallest of pleasures. And it pleases Him.

A Healthy Understanding of Sin

A healthy understanding of sin recognizes it's dominion over everything that does not belong to Christ. Among those who belong to Christ sin no longer has dominion. It has been put to shame. It has been mocked and ridiculed on the stage of redemptive history. Sanctification lives in this reality.

How does that look? Paul says "once were slave" have become ... firm believers in God? holders to "the gospel"? ejectors of "the law"? No, he says "obedient from the heart." And this being obedient is followed up with the description of "being set free from sin."

A Response to "Looking at Christian Obedience"

One should not seek assurance from their works. One should not presume to be under God's wrath because they slip up occasionally (or even regularly). But works are valuable both to others and ourselves. They are essential for "saving faith" (Hebrews 5:9). And when we see the fruits of God working in us through the power of the Holy Spirit we should be encouraged and edified. Likewise, when we see the Holy Spirit producing fruits in other we should also be edified.