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Luther and Progressive Covenantalism

Despite Luther's conclusion that "Christ, the Founder of the new generation, did not change the covenant; He changed the sign of the covenant," he stands removed from the Reformed tradition which provides starker continuity between circumcision and baptism. 

The Paedobaptism Book Trail

I am have written at length on the subject of infant baptism. Most important to this post is my story of conversion. What typically follows before or after that question is what books I recommend on the subject. So here are my recommended books for those curious in paedobaptism. No particular order....

Book Review: The Cross & Gendercide by Elizabeth Gerhardt

I couldn’t help but weep internally at the devastation that sin has produced. It put me in a sour mode for days. We in the cultured west have hidden ourselves from these things. Our society knows well to keep them off our televisions and computer monitors (except when it can become a trendy hashtag). But the facts stand there in your face. The facts stand in the face of the church.