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The Glaring God

While most people see the white baptismal gown and the godparents who would probably rather be having breakfast at some cozy diner, I see a heated exchange between the Lamb of God and the morbid angel.

Book Review: You and Your Household by Gregg Strawbridge

Strawbridge provides a veteran presentation of the historic Reformed position on infant baptism. Strawbridge demonstrates that covenantal thinking encapsulates all of God’s dealing with mankind. Infant baptism is the natural, logical, and biblical conclusion to consistent covenantal thinking. You and Your Household is written with clarity and is a great primer.

On Christian Baptism

There is no dead Lazarus in a baptist baptism. It is not debatable that in the symbolism (and reality) of infant baptism there is no movement from man apart from the movement of the man Jesus Christ. It is simply God reaching down in humility.

Presbyterian without Promise (Murray Edition)

"The efficacy of infant baptism principally consists in this that it is to us the certification or seal that God works in accordance with this company provision and fulfills his covenant promises. It is, after all, the Lord's own nurture which infant baptism signifies and seals."

Family Baptism

My family practices covenant baptism. And I will teach my kids to practice covenant baptism. I do believe the sacrament of baptism is a special means of grace by which God blesses all individuals who are baptized. And I do believe that baptism, like preaching, must be responded to in faith to receive the promised blessings contained in it.

The Holy Spirit's Covenant

Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't enough to just "read the Bible" and make a decision. One has to struggle to identify their own paradigms and lens. Everyone has them and it is always hard to break away from them (even if they are correct) to evaluate the Scriptures afresh.