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Book Review: A Shared Mercy

Jon Coutts has provided the church with a new platform to conceive of forgiveness and reconciliation. A Shared Mercy does not answer every question that church ministry will ask, but it provides the church a theology to repeal efforts of sins to disrupt Christ's body.

Book Review: The Lost World of Adam and Eve

The Lost World of Adam and Eve presents new ideas to conservative readers. Young-Earth creationists will find themselves confronted by many conflicting elements and arguments. In his conclusion, Walton reveals his concern for those entering higher education with misguided piety and overly protective ideals (209-210).

Book Review: The Future of Evangelical Theology

In the end I found Yong’s book stimulating in many ways and am thankful that I have been exposed to a conversation that I was, in many ways, unaware of even taking place. That said, I do disagree with Yong on many levels and sit more comfortably in the theological seats of those who fall under his criticism.

2014 Reflections: Top 5 Books

At somewhere over 50 books reviewed, after starting in the March timeframe, the sheer number of pages and topics are staggering. Admittedly, these are my Top 5. They are controversial, thought provoking, and utterly excellent for what I needed this year.