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2014 Reflections: Top 5 Books

At somewhere over 50 books reviewed, after starting in the March timeframe, the sheer number of pages and topics are staggering. Admittedly, these are my Top 5. They are controversial, thought provoking, and utterly excellent for what I needed this year.

September Book Review

This was a hectic month with some pretty awesome reading from some excellent publishers. There were multiple kid's books reviewed as well. Those are not included here. I commend to you the book review page. There you will find all kinds of awesome stuff. Enjoy regardless.

July Book Recap

July is not yet done. But I won't be producing any more book reviews this month. So here was my month of reviews. A couple Bibles, a couple theology books and a whole lot of page turning. 

Book Review: The Sign of the Gospel

By describing so succinctly the arguments of Barth against the soteriological and covenantal view, McMaken has ably navigated Barth’s hermeneutics and theology so that they may be a starting point for future investigations of baptism.

Book Review: Saving Karl Barth by D. Stephen Long

Saving Karl Barth is a significant work in the modern discussion on Barth. Though it returns to support a traditional interpretation of Barth’s theology, it finds itself fighting the same battles along the same battle lines that Barth and Balthasar experienced. The book is a valued glance at the theologies of both men, as well as their attempts to reform the traditions of their respective churches.