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Yes, I’m Hypocritically Judging Your Judging

Perhaps I am just tired of Protestantism and her legacy of hermeneutical interpretive dance. Is there a beauty in this I am missing? Perhaps the problems I’ve so… magniloquently (insert self-conscious chuckle here)… expressed here stem from some grave uncertainty in my soul. My sanctimonious passing of judgement is, possibly, just a symptom of the gracelessness to which we are all prone to, to one degree or another.

Book Review: Saving Karl Barth by D. Stephen Long

Saving Karl Barth is a significant work in the modern discussion on Barth. Though it returns to support a traditional interpretation of Barth’s theology, it finds itself fighting the same battles along the same battle lines that Barth and Balthasar experienced. The book is a valued glance at the theologies of both men, as well as their attempts to reform the traditions of their respective churches.