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Drowning in Grace

And then I hit my breaking point. The next time Crockett said to me, “No! You’re a bad person!” I just kissed his head and said, “And that’s why we need grace, Crockett.”

Intentionally Being Intentional About Intentionality

I am far from a perfect covenant parents. Instead, I call to mind the promises of God and try to communicate them to my children faithfully. The whole time recognizing that our efforts are analogous to 1) "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief" (Mark 9:24) or 2) "We have only five loaves and two fish" (Matt 14:17).

Why I Love Integrated Worship

A child who is immersed in Christian worship will necessarily be shaped by that immersion. Conversely, when the children are whisked away to the church annexes they are denied such formation. Further, the act removing the children from Christ’s Body (the church) seems to run straight against the words of our Lord when he said “Let the children come to me.” (Matthew 19:14).

Stop. Go back. Re-read that passage from Genesis. God has just finished being awesome. Why is Abraham all worked up about descendants? Isn't God enough? He is. But Abram laments that He will have no one heir to pass Him on to (Prov 13:22). Abram is not saying the heir is more important than God but that God as reward is most glorious when He is an inheritance to children. Yes I did say that.

Organic Catechizing

Everything started quite innocently: I want my kid to know stuff. I want her to be able to identify the moon, the sun, trees, rocks, cars, houses, get the pictue. Nature stands in front of us as a way to teach our children. But to what end? "Child, what is that?" must be followed by "And Child, who made it?".

Sleep Woes

   So simple really. Our little girl was looking for the boundaries and consistency she experiences throughout the day. Just because the lights went out doesn't mean our parenting gets put to sleep for the night.