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Compost Catechizing

Find yourself a classic, old time catechism and study. There may be disagreements and there may be time for extensive explanation of language. But in the end, you will be studying something that has proven valuable to Christians throughout generations.

House Rules for Language

My daughter said "What the hell?" because of my passion of Penguins hockey. My son says "too" and "also" from the natural environment of the home. Why isn't developing Christian language in the house as easy? 

The Intentionality of Catechizing

Churches and households need to take the time to evaluate what discipleship they're doing and how they're doing it. The church isn't called to perform discipleship in "their style" and let the chips fall where they may. No. Churches and households must seek to be servants in their accommodations.

The Nature of Catechizing

So, Michael Hansen's series opener on liturgy got me to thinking. I'm not committed to a series on catechizing but I am going to let myself explore the topic a little bit in the upcoming weeks. I'd like to start with the general nature of catechizing.

"as a sign on your hand"

The night I heard those words from her stands in sharp definition, every activity etched in mental stone. I worked so hard to keep busy my hands when a string of absorbing brain teasers was what I needed. Be still my thoughts - Lord Jesus take them captive.

Organic Catechizing

Everything started quite innocently: I want my kid to know stuff. I want her to be able to identify the moon, the sun, trees, rocks, cars, houses, get the pictue. Nature stands in front of us as a way to teach our children. But to what end? "Child, what is that?" must be followed by "And Child, who made it?".