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Paul's Pentecost

The priestly selection for the new temple have been completed and the Holy Spirit’s expansion is complete. The church has reached its resting place in fulfillment of Christ's promise.

The Gentile Pentecost

This point is crucial because the Holy Spirit will move forward first. He will stake His new conquest of the nations and provide Peter with reason for the waters of baptism to follow.

A Map of Acts

The affirmation of the apostles, the Gentiles, and the ministry of Paul saddles up with the prophetic fulfillment of Christ’s promise to explain the non-normative nature of these texts.

The Holy Spirit's Covenant

Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't enough to just "read the Bible" and make a decision. One has to struggle to identify their own paradigms and lens. Everyone has them and it is always hard to break away from them (even if they are correct) to evaluate the Scriptures afresh.