Effectual Vocation

I'm not even going to provide commentary. Just some important and valuable insights from Horton's Calvin: On the Christian Life.

"Deep within us all, there is a desire to appease God by following a way of life that we imagine is more spiritual and extraordinary than the common vocations we have become accustomed to think of merely as jobs or occupations. Often, upon joining a church, new members are encouraged to “find a ministry” there. After all, every believer is a minister. Being a doctor, baker, or homemaker may be good, but “full-time Christian service” is better. Somehow, we have to justify our everyday labors as “kingdom work.” Or perhaps we can turn our common vocation into a holy one by somehow making it an avenue of personal evangelism or social transformation. Ironically, such anticlerical tendencies betray a deeper clericalism: namely, that every member of the church must be a minister. Like Peter, we find it difficult to be served by Christ (John 13:8–9) so that we can serve our neighbors in the world."
"The church is the theater of God’s grace, but the whole world is the theater of his glory. What would you do today if you knew that Jesus were to return this afternoon? Calvin replies that he would do exactly what he would do any other day, just as Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to continue in their callings with excellence in view of Christ’s return (2 Thess. 3:1–13)."

Vocation is important people. 

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