Lord's Prayer Meditations: “Name” is Power

“Hallowed be your name”

Meditation 5: “Name” is Power

The name of God is to be holy. His name is to be personal and not shared with another. But that name does not stand idle. God uses His name and His glory to redeem a people for Himself (Isa 43:25). The redemption of God’s people brings glory to Him and Him alone (Isa 48:11). But it is this glory that God the Father shares with God the Son, Jesus Christ (John 17:1-5).

It is the name of the Lord that saves (Joel 2:32). We bow to the name of Jesus and we confess Him as Lord (Isa 45:23; Php 2:10-11). This brings glory to the Father. God’s power is worked out in salvation through Jesus Christ. We praise Him for the power of holiness found in His name. This is how we should pray.

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