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Paul's Baptism Oopsie (Lutheran Satire)

If you've never heard of "Lutheran Satire" I suggest you go check them out on YouTube and Twitter. They are very funny and I found this particular video particularly so. The reason  they do such a good job is because they are hitting on things that we take for granted and they cause us to think a little more closely about what we mean. This video on baptism is a perfect example. Whenever the new testament actually talks about what baptism accomplishes it makes any protestant (much less any evangelical) squirmy! See what I mean in the video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwxHzo0QVYY&feature=kp

I don't intend here to get into the baptism argument. I've argued for the merits of paedobaptism (infant baptism) elsewhere (Here, here, & here) and this video is more on what baptism accomplishes anyway. That being said, after watching this video its hard to argue with the texts that there is something going on in baptism. Moreover, whatever that something that is happening is Peter and Paul use words like "salvation" and "cleansing" to describe it. Put briefly, I think that the reason we trip over these texts so much is due to the fact that we tend to use the term "salvation" in solely individualistic terms whereas the writers of the New Testament often used it to describe many different things.

I like this video because it is funny and disrupting. Hopefully it is provoking to you too!

Food for thought!


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