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Mile Markers: First Semester

I've been working all year to prepare material for our children's programs. I've been working on two separate goals to educate our children in doctrine and the Bible as family history.

Wednesday nights are our time to revisit family history. I've mocked up the title "Mile Markers" as we go through the important milestones in the Bible. Far from being a general glossary, I intend on taking a full three years to walk the kids through the Bible. This allows children in our church to make the "road trip" twice before they have even joined our youth group. 

In a very practical sense, I'm teaching them the important of Biblical theology, looking for Christ and general typology. Now they won't ever be taught those words but we'll be teaching them through example. I've included the whole first semester of notes here for your edification.


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BBC: Genesis 6:7-10