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Bethinking Conference: Stephen Hawking's "The Grand Design" (John Lennox)

We're continuing a brief look at William Lane Craig's "BeThinking" Conference. All these men are ridiculously intelligent. These type of apologetic lectures are not so much for laymen to learn and use but to listen and be encouraged.  

Far too often men like Stephen Hawking are given all the spotlight. We'll here is a small spotlight on a gentleman of exceedingly intelligence because he bows the knee to Christ.  John Lennox is one of the great living heroes in Christianity as far as I'm concerned. But let's get to the video.

Like with the last video, I'm not doing a timeline response. Just the things I learn or strike me as funny. I couldn't even make it out of the introduction and the stories about Richard Dawkins. John Lennox is a pro and I'll try to post that video in the near future. 

One of the things I love about John Lennox is that he refuses to pit Science and God against each other. In fact, he may do it to the detriment of typical American Fundamentalists. Lennox is one of my "sources" for a non-literal (essentially non-chronological) reading of Genesis 1-2. Science is submissive to God and can be used to glorify God. We just need to be careful that our traditional theology and renderings of passages don't make less of God. Even the great John Calvin and Martin Luther refused to accept the earth revolved around the sun back the "Bible said so".

The whole concept of theories and ideas bringing things "into being" is fascinating. Essentially Hawking is hiding in the confusion of abstract objects. Even if the concept of abstract objects existed, Lennox does a pretty excellent job of showing the stupidity of concluding that there create concrete objects. For those who want to learn more about concrete and abstract arguments you can listen to William Lane Craig explain the ideas on his podcast.

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