Bethinking Conference: Dawkin's Objections to Deistic Arguments (William Lane Craig)

It has been a while since we've done any kind of apologetic stuff on here. I hope to change that soon. This material will be over a lot of heads (including mine). And I want that to be encouraging. These are some of the brightest and most brilliant minds the Christian world has to offer today. I hope you are able to learn a little something from these gentlemen and their conference from 2011. I can't offer good extra insight into this lectures but I will casually present some of my thoughts.

I'm hardly an expert on the cosmological argument but I've always liked this argument. I enjoyed hearing the fact that an "expansive universe" requires an absolute beginning. This kind of stuff is mind boggling. I love it.

The whole comment about "initial conditions at minus infinity" almost made me spit coffee out of my mouth. I'm glad I was able to understand the ridiculousness of that concept. Goodness.

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