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A Joyful Noise

While running our errands about town, we gladly patronize the local classical music station (by "we" I mean Kenzie, Judah, and me; by "gladly" I mean I alone have power of radio). On the docket today was a lively piece replete with runs and flourishes - just the type to catch little Kenzie's attention, which it did, and put Judah to sleep, which it did. Following the grand finale, Kenzie expressed her joy and approval in the manner we have taught her, applause and loud "yay"'s. I loved hearing her praise and excitement over a beautiful work of art. Judah, however, was startled awake by it and keenly expressed his disapproval at being disturbed from so great a slumber as a car seat slumber.
The situation struck a chord...

Seriously, it recalled to mind a theme constantly heard when one's dad is an evangelistic preacher....and when one's father in law is also an evangelistic preacher - that theme of, well, evangelism. Sharing with those around us the good news of salvation. Now, let me explain how loudly expressive kids and a dramatic fermata got me there!

See, evangelism tends to be locked into a one-dimension box, when really it is so much more. My daughter was a witness to her brother of the breadth and majestic of a classical piece of music by her response to it. Not all are called to be evangelists, but all are called to the worship and praise of our Heavenly Creator. Whom might you waken from spiritual slumber, not by dousing them with cold water or setting off an alarm next to their head, but by joyfully and emphatically giving thanks for the working of God around you? Exclaim over the sunset, rejoice in an efficient checker at the grocery store, give thanks when a long line provides opportunity to practice patience (can you tell where my errands took us today?!). Loudly proclaim the work of the Lord, willingly attest to His greatness. Then - when the sleeper startles awake and groggily demands to know why that stillness was disturbed - then speak Words of Life. 

In that way, we truly make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord.  

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