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John Lennox: Seven Days That Divide The World

I've mentioned many times my deep appreciation for John Lennox. Here is a lecture from him addressing Genesis 1-2 and the creation account. Many of my current views on these chapters have been molded, shaped and challenged by him. In many ways I look up to his willingness to hold such a view while remaining quite so humble. On to the video....

As always, this video is way to long for a timeline response. Just a quick set of comments as I enjoy my own listening experience. That C.S. Lewis was a funny man. And I hope none of you fall asleep during the lecture. Point. 

Dr Lennox hits on an important point about the "central things" about Christian theology and the Scriptures. Far too often what is "central" is what we believe. Even when we are convinced of a point of view we must be willing to ask ourselves how certain Scriptures/doctrines could be interpreted. Of course heresy must still remain rejected but we conservatives should be more conservative about our use of the H-word.

Christians do have a tendencies of downplaying God when debating how He did everything He did in creation. Funny thought huh? When we argue and cut people off because of how God did something we make of small importance the reality that God did in fact do something.

I appreciate beyond words Dr Lennox providing clarity to the distinctions of day three and day six. There is in fact no way the Scriptures support the loose and random type of evolution that is pushed in modern science.

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